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I woke up the next morning and broke out the duct tape, determined to make this situation better. I had snagged a decent sized sheet of bubble-mylar water tank insulation from Javier with intent on turning it into a water bladder sleeve, but found it unnecessary in the north. Instead, I laid out a couple patterns and began cutting away, using my duct-tape seamstressing skills that I'd perfected over the years as a redneck, I fashioned a hell of a thermal vest and booties. Laugh if you want, but these fuckers practically radiated heat. With a chuckle, I packed up my gear quite pleased with myself and got back on the road. Scored some overpriced, motor oil-like coffee and moved on. I made it to Whitehorse some time in the afternoon. I did some laundry and had some shitty KFC. I stocked up on supplies and do a bike check. My engine doesn't seem to be going through much oil, maybe a couple ounces in 2500 miles, but the lower half has a nice coating of oil and dust clinging to it. Something to keep an eye on, I suppose. With that I headed out once again, aiming for Haines Jct. I noted that the Top of the World highway was the northern route out of White Horse, and decided that I would pass through there on my return trip. Camped out at yet another unnamed lake 20 miles NW of Haines Jct.

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