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First, I think that just about everything on this jacket is about as close to perfection as many of us have been looking for. I really had to think hard about what would need to be improved (and I'm one picky SOB when it comes to this kind of stuff).

So here are my observations/suggestions:

- Agree with others - way too many logos, and KLIM bling. They need to tone it down and make it more subtle and tasteful.

- A really nice feature that I saw on another jacket (Firstgear TPG Raynier) is the two way arm-cuff zipper that acts as a vent, and as a cuff-closure. In combo with the velcro adjuster, this allows you to set-it and forget it, and use the zipper for fast on/off. It looks like this jacket has the velcro closing over the vent zipper, making it NOT work like this. If they re-position the velcro tab, the zipper could act as the cuff closure, which is a really nice touch, and they seem so close to that already.

- I LOVE the left sleeve pocket! All jackets should have one!

- Leatt compatible would be REALLY, REALLY nice, as long as it doesn't push the price into the stratosphere.

- Not so sure about the snap adjustment at the bottom of the pant gaitor. Velcro seems so much more flexible to adjust...Minor point though, all considered..

- Black colorway option with some tasteful dark-grey offset colours would be really cool.

Other than that, the only think I can add is that you really should have a Canadian beta tester...PM for for where you can send the pre-production samples for my thorough flogging and feedback... (I'm not even joking Anthony...c'mon, help a brother out dude.....)
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