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Originally Posted by Flanny View Post
- A really nice feature that I saw on another jacket (Firstgear TPG Raynier) is the two way arm-cuff zipper that acts as a vent, and as a cuff-closure. In combo with the velcro adjuster, this allows you to set-it and forget it, and use the zipper for fast on/off. It looks like this jacket has the velcro closing over the vent zipper, making it NOT work like this. If they re-position the velcro tab, the zipper could act as the cuff closure, which is a really nice touch, and they seem so close to that already.
Aerostich Roadcrafter has had that cuff for like twenty years or more. Really liked that feature on mine.

Same muted bling factor too.

Real shame Andy refuses to upgrade the deficiencies, think it's real parochial mistake on his part. I'd still be a customer if he'd fix things. Good for the competition, has me looking hard for other choices. Like this.

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