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Originally Posted by soyanarchisto View Post
So I am a little confused. Is there any reason to remove it if you arent having any issues? Sure, I'd like to free up some space and weight but if it does no harm remaining intact and also does some environmental good--why remove it?
I removed mine in a middle of a down pour on a 1500 mile round trip to Wichita,KS.....after the bike stalled every few miles..... I had enough... This was before the recall. Other thing....for me was after a few CC saturation with fuel vapors.... When the purge valve opened... The engine ran rough from the rich fumes... It did not last long though..... Purge valve closed...and bike ran normal..... Enough for me to ditch it.... If you have not had any symptoms.... leave it in....Until you have..... Just be ready for it....

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