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Originally Posted by soreass View Post
Well, I'm feeling MUCH better about keeping my GSPD now, thanks to all of you. Those are very reassuring numbers, Lornce, and I'm not very hard on vehicles and seldom have any trouble with any of them. Of course I've been driving Toyota's for the last 30 years.

The 1150 brake caliber upgrade is a great idea and I'm going to persue that. The bike may already have some of the other fixes done, hard to tell without pulling it somewhat apart.

It's all about attitude, really, and I'm just going to stop worrying about stuff that may never happen and enjoy owning, riding and even fixing this great old bike.
Yes, and if the time should come that you need to fix something, advrider is here to help you out along the way. Tools are cheap. If I can rebuild my entire bike in a barely heated shed in the woods you can do anything where you are.....our winters are the same.
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