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Originally Posted by towpro View Post
The Trans WV trail is why I ended (or started, depending on which direction you are going) The Trans PA Trail at Michaux.

The other end is FrenchTown NJ where you pickup the Trans NJ trail.

Or you can take a route I have not ridden yet that works right into the Trans PA trail on the East side of the PA Grand Canyon, then goes to Hancock NY so riders can bypass the sand (I mean NJ trail) if they want.

the big empty right now is the bottom 1/2 of NY.
I WAS working on a route through PA that went from michaux, to Tusc, to Rothock, Bald eagle, Sproul, Elk, and to the Allegheny National Forrest at the NY border. BUT, I have since punted the project to be completed in the next few years. I got a pretty reasonable start, then several technology setbacks and time constraints have doomed it to the back burner.
Chip is merging the TWVT and the TET.
This is where I get to say, I am a lucky sob... I am riding the TWVT 2 times this spring and visiting WV for fun and riding 3 other times this year.
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