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VDO Vison Speedo in GSPD?

Anyone tried a VDO Vison 437153 electronic programmable speedo as a drop-in replacement in a GSPD? Size seems right, diameter anyway. It requires 91mm of deptch - I think the stock speedo can is at least the deep.

And, I wonder if it can be made to work with the BMW tranny hall effect sender - don't see why not. The instructions say that it is auto-programable - put it in program mode, press start at the begining of a measure mile, stop, press stop, and it's programmed for both speed and distance AND it has a 'fine-tune' feature, where you can incrementally move the speedo needle, up or down, to where you think it should be, GPS or whatever. The BMW tranny hall effect makes a signal, and I guess the auto-feature just calibrates off that.

Anyone tried this? About $120 plus the hall effect sender.
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