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Originally Posted by bm3moose View Post
Underpowered seems to be the main complaint, but my question is, how fast do I really need to go. I bought a dual sport bike to go to places my jeep couldn't quite get to. Places where the road runs out and all you are left with is solitude and scenery that few else have come across, and I think it is counter productive to just blast through it as fast as a can. Maybe I'm coming to the realization that I'm not 16 any more. My 230 only goes as fast as I want to wreck, and frankly the last times I've ridden with guys on BMW's, they were tipped over begging for help to get up while I was enjoying the scenery. All these debates seem relative and I think the answer of which is better can only be determined by what you the rider desire. I do have my eye on a WR250R though, but after watching my Dad ride my 230 and seeing the smile on his face I don't think I can get rid of it, maybe we will just have two. My two cents, hopefully not rambling.
For me it isn't about the speed, but about being able to get out of situations on the road on the way to the places you mention. I also live in the foothills of the Cascade mountain range, which means going up and over a mountain pass.

I have also been looking very closely at the WR250R and think that is probably the best route to start if my son isn't interested in the 230L.

I have a hard time paying $5-6k for a DR650 with 20yo technology compared to the WR250R.

Used DRs are not much less than new ones in my area.

I could see the 230L as being fun and a great bike to practice honing my offroad skills on.

I have a dealer that is 11 miles away, which is also in a valley before the foothills. A simple demo ride from there to my home would be a good test of this so called "underpowered" motorcycle. The speed limit is 70mph as well, so a good test for high speed riding too.
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