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Originally Posted by Apple Jam View Post
Yeah Easy-Z's still coming my way. We're meeting downtown HR at 8:30am
We were going to spectate the races in Eddieville, but they have been canceled.

I hadn't planned anything else, I have a planned gravel ride scheduled Monday.
So we'll refer to plan "B" for Sunday....

You are welcome to come be committee, or one of us idiots.
Do you know where the shop meeting point is in HR ?
Well, it's 8:18 and I just finished my coffee, so I'm thinkin' I might not make HR, or even the Plan B by 8:30.

I'll be leaving here about 9-9:30 to come over there to see TourPros anyway, but unless you leave bread crumbs, I probably won't be able to hook up with you today.

And no, I don't know where the shop is.

I miss round headlights.

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