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Day 1 – 225 miles, Auburn, WA to Salem, OR

I was somewhat reluctant to commit to writing this RR as I am not one who likes to talk on the phone or strike up a conversation with a stranger and I have moved to text messaging for my primary communications. I was also not sure if I had enough to say that was interesting to the ADV community. But, I was inspired by the enjoyment and knowledge I have received from other ADV RRs and decided that the community might benefit from a somewhat different perspective and approach.

The Day’s Ride

I have a client in Oregon and started the trip by heading down to Salem, Oregon in order to attend a key meeting. I was able to leave the Seattle area middle of the day with the hope of skirting the rain showers that were scheduled all day. Just went down Interstate 5 the whole way trying to just get down there without getting soaked. Not much of a trip, but you have to start somewhere and I am anxious to get to the sun and warmth of California.

Packing for the trip was a real challenge. I have been known to fill any and all available space and then some. So today I had everything packed and then looked over and saw that some of my camping supplies were still sitting to the side! Yes, I am planning on doing a little camping to see how it goes. So I hunted for another bag to put on the pillion with my tent and sleeping bag. Not what I planned at all, but I was running out of time.

The other trick was to figure out some clothes to take that would allow me to still seem professional while still being stuffed in a saddle bag. I usually (always) wear suits for my job. Figured it was a Friday meeting and I could get away with some cords and a dress shirt. It did require me to pack additional shoes, shirt, pants and socks, but what you are to do? Maybe I will send them back home via the mail later in the trip.

In Salem at the hotel, I took everything out of my bags and got myself reorganized. Ended up selecting some of my clothes as optional and decided to mail a package back home. Took advantage of the USPS “if it fits, it ships” fixed price boxes, the largest one 12 x 12 x 5 and stuffed it full. $14.95, more than I expected but I now had more room. I was then able to put the sleeping bag in the extra bag and gave myself the best of both worlds as I now had some pockets that can be used.

Ride Map

Photos of the Day

ADVer of the Day

As a way of honoring some of the folks I have followed their ride reports and learned something, I am identifying some folks from the ADV community have inspired me to make the effort. Not in any order, just as I think of them. Today’s thumbs up goes to:


I am interested in riding Mexico and learned from his RRs to add value and provide instruction, not just chrono my trip. I especially liked the pictures of the the legal items required to enter Mexico. Trip Planning for Dummies!

BTW, had to learn how to write one of these and post photos, etc...
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