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Day 2 Ė 315 miles, Salem OR to Crescent City, CA

One of the goals of my life was to not know what was on TV on any given night. I did not want to come home each day looking forward to my favorite TV shows. Not that there was/is anything wrong with it, but I saw my parents doing just that growing up and I just figured there that to be more to life.

Alas, once I stepped back from working those full weeks and travelling 3-4 times a month, that is exactly what I am doing. I am not proud to say that I know what TV shows to watch every night, Monday Ė Friday. But I digress from the ride report.

Ride Goals (so far)

1. Make it home in 1 piece
2. Donít get (m)any speeding tickets
3. Meet and talk to people along the way
4. Meet up with some ADV riders
5. Teach myself to slow down and smell the roses (pavement in this instance, gravel in others)
6. Learn to be a more understanding and better person (donít we all want that?)

The Dayís Ride Report

Woke up early and took off before 8 a.m. as I was again trying to bypass the rain that was scheduled for the day and it was not raining yet. There was a college baseball time from British Columbia at the hotel and they were eating up all the breakfast!

Time to take advantage of the weather. I headed down I5 to the Corvallis cut off and headed for the ocean. Work was over for the week, clients were happy, it was a Saturday and all was good with the world. My heated gear was working well and I was nice and warm.

Bike and rider did not seem to be quite in sync as I had not rode the ST in a while and things were a little rough. Shifting, leaning, gear selection, desired RPM and all that stuff. The ST rides completely different from the GS12 and has its own mojo. But I will get it together.

Hit the ocean fog before long and stopped in Newport on the coast to check the tire pressures and make sure nothing fell off. It would not be the first time if something did. Yup, all there and that back tire did need more air.

Headed down the coast, a little light rain, but no traffic and especially those RVís you see every summer on the Oregon Coast. Stopped at Reedsport for some lunch/breakfast and ended up talking to some retired guys who stopped by to ask about the bike, the trip, etc. People definitively approach you more when you are by yourself. Nice folks.

Got back on the road and kept heading down the coast, man was it really beautiful and so quite. No traffic, no people, etc. Stopped at the Bandon Golf Resort to check out the latest course they added last year, Old McDonald. Talked to the clubhouse folks, started wishing I had some golf shoes with me. I could rent the clubs, buy the balls and such and head out as it was 55 degrees, no wind, no rain. Perfect! But alas, I shipped my clubs down to Palm Desert so I can plan there so I just got back on the road.

Made it to Crescent City, California for the night and checked into a motel. Seems there is a high-school state basketball tournament in town and all the motels were full of kids. It was like having a room next to a playground until around 11 p.m. Seems some of the teams, boys and girls, had lost already so they had no reason to go to bed! Just my luck, oh well, I am too tired anyway.

Ride Map

Photos from the Day

ADVer of the Day

As a way of honoring some of the folks I have followed their ride reports and learned something, I am identifying some folks from the ADV community have inspired me to make the effort. Not in any order, just as I think of them. Todayís thumbs up goes to:

DWJ - Donnie,

I really enjoyed Donnieís humble approach to just saying it like it was, taking great pictures and noting their wrong turns and all!

FYI, I will be doing sections on particular riding topics as I go along. Trying to catch up first few days...
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