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Garmin Nuvi USB Power Cable Demystified

3BR Powersports Garmin Nuvi USB Power Cable

There's lots of confusion about powering the Garmin Nuvi GPS using a standard USB Cable so we thought we'd shed some light on the subject.

When a Garmin Nuvi is plugged into a USB Port with a standard USB cable, it is expecting data, i.e. it is looking for map updates or other data. It will charge slowly but not go into navigate mode. Yes, you can play some on/off button tricks to get it into charge mode but it still won't navigate.

The Garmin supplied cable that plugs into a cigarette lighter has a 5VDC regulator built in and some circuitry that causes the Nuvi to go into charge mode while navigating. This circuitry is similar to the USB OTG technology used on the old Motorola RAZR phones that allowed them to charge from a USB Port without getting the message, "Unauthorized Charger".

The secret is in the 5th pin of a USB Micro B connector. A standard USB A cable has 4 pins and 4 wires. The 5th pin on the Micro B connector is not connected to a wire and thus does not go back to the plug end (USB A). It connects with internal circuitry that powers up a signal that tells the processor that it's not in data mode.

With some Garmin secret sauce, lots of patience and skill with a magnifying glass, razor knife and soldering iron, a USB A to USB Micro B cable can be modified to charge the Nuvi.

However, there is a much easier way. 3BR Powersports has Garmin Nuvi Charging cables with the magic already molded in. They are available in convenient powersports vehicle lengths of 9", 12" and 18".

In addition, they are available with and without our Patented TAPP CAPP and PANEL CAPP for use with our TAPP Lite and PANEL TAPP USB power ports:

PANEL TAPP Weatherproof USB panel mount power port with PANEL CAPPed USB Cable

TAPP Lite weatherproof USB Power Port with TAPP CAPPED Garmin Nuvi Charging Cable and Garmin Nuvi GPS

Visit our web site for more info and pricing.

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