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Day 3 – 220 miles, Crescent City, CA to Fort Bragg, CA

No matter what you do, it still takes me at least 3 days to really start to feel the change from one lifestyle to another. Today was that day. I feel I am now on my adventure. BTW, I don’t have a specific plan and am making it up from day to day. Have a few targets in mind, like the Pac-10 Basketball Tournament this coming week, but other than that I will just see what happens.

The Day’s Ride Report

What a day and a ride! While we all either know or have heard about riding along the Northern California coast, it still is something that amazes me with its sheer beauty and relative wildness. There was hardly any rain today and very little traffic. The bike and I got synchronized and into a rhythm and it was just plain enjoyable.

Left Crescent City around 9:30 and skipped breakfast as the basketball kids ate all of the food the motel had put out for the free breakfast. Just lived with some weak coffee and got on the road. I am still trying to dodge the clouds so I figured if it wasn’t raining, that I should just get out and cover some miles.

Riding down highway 101 through the Redwoods was a blast, combination of 2-lane and 4-lane sections without traffic. I was afraid of seeing lots of Basketball moms in mini vans, but I think I left ahead of the crowds. Followed the coast and made it into Eureka for some late breakfast and WiFi. That is when I decided to commit to the RR and started writing this all up.

I lived in California for a couple years back in the 80’s and Eureka was when I started to see that familiar look and feel. I think it was the eucalyptus trees along the road and the increasing traffic with no manners. But you gotta love the good parts of California.

From Eureka continued through more Redwoods and stopped in Garberville for some fuel. I was reminded that I was in Humboldt County and the land of marijuana plantations. It was an interesting group of folks. Also, it seems the gas prices have continued to go up from day to day. I think I paid something like $4.30 a gallon today.

Took a right onto CA Highway 1 just after the Standish Hickey Recreation Area and headed back to the coast. The 10-15 mile section of this highway from the 101 to Rockport was one of the most interesting roads to say the least. There were lots of slow switchbacks and blind corners and I think I only average around 25-30 mph the whole way. I especially liked the small rock slides in the middle of the blind corners that kept everything interesting. Luckily there were no cars trying to cut the corners or it could have been interesting. Definitively a place for a smaller canyon racer, but I think a person would only push it to the limit and end up sailing off the road somewhere. At least I would.

I got to the coast and cruised all the way down to Fort Bragg. The canyon cut-ins were extremely entertaining and you really had to be paying attention. I had to keep myself from enjoying the view. Fort Bragg “the undiscovered gem of the Mendocino Coast” is a pretty isolated town and I am not sure exactly what folks do for a living here other than fishing, tourism, etc., but it was a good place to stop. I have learned to stop before you get too tired and start making mistakes.

Ride Map

Photos from the Day

Gear Report

I will start with the bike I am riding. I have had my ST1300 for a couple of years and bought it mainly because I like big bikes and Honda has this incredibly low maintenance and reliable V engine. I think it goes back to my first bike which was a Honda CX500 which just ran and ran. My list of improvements are:

• Throttlemeister cruise control, keeps my hand from killing me
• BeadRider Ultimate seat cover, lets the air get under my seat
• Handlebar Riser Plate, keeps me from leaning too far forward
• Ram Ball mount on the riser plate for my equipment
• Power outlet in the glove box

ADVer of the Day

Today’s thumbs up goes to:


I have really enjoyed following this long RR for a long time and have appreciated the photos along the way. I have been learning what it might take to go all the way to Ushuaia solo.

I have a son at Gonzaga University, so GO ZAGS! They won their semi-final game today and play for the WCC championship tomorrow night.
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