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Miscellaneous Equipment Review


PRO: Sound great and is one of the quietest exhausts available. Directs exhaust away from turn signal.
CON: I find myself twisting the right grip more just to hear it.
UPDATE: I swear it's getting louder.


PRO: Great protection profile, thick and sturdy. Covers rear brake reservoir connection. Flat bottom makes placement onto a lift easy.
CON: Resonantes like a mother****** - badly needs some damping.
UPDATE: I lined the inside of the skid plate with adhesive roof ice and water shield which is essentially a thin sheet of asphalt. It does not smell, sticks very well and has cut out 95% of the annoyance.


PRO: Sturdy construction, reasonable surface area. Requires offests from the tank-mounted threaded inserts that are longer in the front and shorter in the back. These are provided in anodized billet aluminum and work perfectly.
CON: Flex in the rear fender and rack mean that the two make contact on bumpy terrain. Ideally the rack would include a rubber stopper between it and the bike fender like the Touratech rack has to prevent this from happening.


PRO: Expands luggage options and provides further reinforcement to the limited subframe. Although made by the same company, the Touratech product secures with two struts to the peg mounts whereas the KTM rack with only one. Fitment uses equal length spacers at all four threaded insert sites.
CON: Combining with the G-It rack was complicated as we had to use a variety of spacers (nuts and washers) to achieve the right slope for the rear rack and ended up being able to use the stock stainless G-It bolts provided. This fix is kinda ghetto and we'll get some one to machine up some proper spacers to make this combo work. Adventure-Spec, if you're listening, you should offer a fit-kit for those of us running this popular pannier rack - and I presume the KTM rack as well.


PRO: Cheap, easy in and out.
CON: "Secure" fit began rattling wildly within 100 offroad miles. Had to use the lanyard that came with the gps to act as spacer between GPS and mount to improve security of fit. Also, the rollers that help to pop it in and out vibrate very loudly if not making direct contact with something. After 1,000 miles, I've ordered the Touratech mount.


PRO: Switch maps on the fly
CON: Once you find the map you like, there's little incentive to switch. I've modded the Aggressive map on TuneECU and use that one almost exclusively. Once the main map is dailed in (getting closer), then you don't need low power mode on technical stuff as much.
UPDATE: Will keep the switch primarily for the ability to switch into wimpy mode for the really tight stuff.


PRO: I had to add this because it's quite complete and included with the bike. Why can't BMW get this right. The included T-handle and bits can take off 95% of the bolts on the bike. Having relatively standard sizes of bolts on the bike is brilliant. Why does my F800GS require three different bolt sizes to secure the skid plate??
CON: Some of the larger torx bits needed to take the fuel tank off the frame are not included and could be handy on the trail to avoid having to get under the fuel tank and have the bike spill a golden shower on your face with gasoline.
UPDATE: Although there is a spanner that can accomodate 27mm (countershaft sprocket) and 32mm (rear wheel) it's hard to use in the field. I'm not worried about changing the countershaft sprocket in the field but for now the adjustable wrench will do duty on the rear.


PRO: Relatively inexpensive, great mounting system, waterproof, good customer service.
CON: Small, some straps could be longer to accommodate large but light bulky loads. The abrasion resistant panel on mine has started to detach from the velcro during last years Tour of Idaho. Plan to contact Wolfman to get a replacement. The bags can be a challenge to purge so an air purge valve would greatly add to their value - if compression bags for sleeping bags have purge valves, it can't be that complicated.


PRO: Small profile with reasonable storage. Easy to access and tight to the bike.
CON: Definitely not waterproof without applying the silicone sealant (which I've yet to do). The amount of storage is deceiving and isn't as much as you'd think although it can hold all my spare rubber and tools.


PRO: Stock seat is a torture device designed for the ass of a Lego character.
CON: Not cheap and there is a waiting list ranging from 2 to 6 months. We got James to order some OEM KTM seats for us at $100 USD each which when compared to missing your own seat and the shipping charges to send the seat out made a lot of economic sense.
UPDATE: Myself and Ronyx got the standard height done. We both find that there could be a bit more padding or higher density padding available. More concerning however is that we both feel there is a slight forward lean to the seat which means with vibration you end up sliding forward and onto your nads - which weren't designed for being sat on.

Some comparative pics:

The seating area is much wider and flat not to mention the high-quality foam.
Ride on.

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