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Preventative Fixes


Problem: With a fall, the displacement of the plastic radiator diffuser can pull out the bolt from the soft radiator, causing a leak.
Fix: Secure guard to radiator with a zip-tie instead of the bolt.

I have the KTM radiator guard installed, which is why this pic may look odd to some of you. With the zip-tie in position as below, there is rubbing of the triple with the guard. I changed the zip-tie to run to the inside and rubbing is minimal now. Without the offset of the KTM rad guard, there would be no rubbing.


Problem: The plastic shroud around the cooling fan on pre-2011 690's can make contact with the radiator and eventually causing a leak/damage to the radiator.
Fix: Add a spacer to the top mounting screw to offset the fan - although there is debate about this decreasing the cooling efficiency. Alternatively/concurrently, you can run a strip of plastic edge guard around the plastic rim of the fan to protect the radiator.


Problem: The FI system is prone to a lack of smoothness. Sometimes this is due to a lack of calibration or failure to recalibrate after adjustments.
Fix: Anytime there are changes to the exhaust/intake/engine management systems, the bike benefits from a 15 min idle and a throttle adjustment.

The 15 minutes idle involves letting the bike idle for 15 minutes without ANY throttle input. After 15 minutes, turn off with key.

The throttle adjustment involves key'ing on, slowly opening throttle to full and slowly coming back to closed, then turn off with key.

For many people this has made things much better - it's not a panacea but the improvements can be significant.


Problem: The lack of a solid seal between airbox and air filter can allow small debris and dust to enter unfiltered.
Fix: Run a bead of hi-temp grease/lubricant around the edge of the filter or airbox to seal the interface.


Problem: The fuel line, as it runs near the left-hand upper tank mount bolt, is prone to wear to the point of leaking from abrasion against the mount bolt.
Fix: Protect the fuel line (innertube piece, zip-tie it out of the way). Replacing the upper tank mount bolts with the RR replacements helps here as their bolts are smooth on the inside and are unlikely to wear the fuel line to failure.

In this photo you can just see the fuel line peeking out between the airbox mount and the upper tank mount bolt.


Problem: The connector from the wiring harness to the radiator fan can rub the radiator and cause a leak.
Fix: Secure the connector out of the way.


Problem: The stock exhaust points its hot fumes directly at the left indicator - melting it.
Fix: Many have replaced the stock indicators with LEDs (Sicass makes plug and play ones). Replacement of the stock exhaust also redirects the heat away from the turn signal.


Problem: There have been numerous documented failures of the upper tank mount bolts causing....trouble.
Fix: There is speculation that failure of the upper bolts is due to poor lower bolts. Thus, many replace both sets. Rally Raid makes a replacement set. Mudguts used to make them and I'm unsure if he still does. Changing these is easy and should be a prophylactic priority if your trips are longer, rougher or generally include some luggage to stress the mount bolts.


Problem: With vibration, the turn signals loosen and start to dangle
Fix: Loctite


Problem: The fun factor leaves you twisting the throttle more and more. This bike chews through rear tires.
Fix: Get friendly with a tire distributor.


Problem: Depending on your skidplate, it can amplify engine sound and the vibration will cause it to resonate and be PITA annoying to you while riding and to others.
Fix: Affix/adhere some sort of dense object to the skid plate to help dampen the vibration and change the skid-plate harmonics. I'm planning on using some anti-resonance material from a car stereo install shop. Getafix bolted on some hockey pucks cut in half.
Update: I ended up using some butyl/tar adhesive ice and water shield designed for roofing onto the inside of the skid. Easy to cut into place and does a great job ad decreasing the resonance.


Problem: With little pullback/angle, the bars leave your hands/wrists a bit sore as their angle doesn't match the typical hand angle for us.
Fix: Getafix ordered some Fasstco Flexxbars while I'm probably going to go with some higher aftermarket bars and fill them with shot peen to limit vibration. I may add the PDHS anti-vibe stems but am currently waiting on the rally mount from Renazco for the stabilizer.
Ride on.

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