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Tune ECU Experimentation

WARNING: Following any suggestions here is at YOUR OWN RISK of PERIL. I will not be held responsible for your misadventures but I would note that ECU's are available from KTM.


What you will need:

Computer or laptop running Windows XP or higher with USB port.
I'm a mac geek so this is as good as it gets for Windows at my house:

Microsoft Framework 2.0 to 3.5 installed. We had trouble getting the Framework 4.0 to work and had to revert to 3.5.
Download latest version of TuneECU from
Download appropriate maps from TuneECU
Bike with fully charged battery
USB to OBD to KTM diagnostic plug cable (I sourced mine from CJRacer)
Patience and courage
Install the appropriate drivers for the OBD cable and ECU (explained on the TuneECU website) otherwise your bike will not connect

A word about maps:

EPT map: Determines the amount of throttle body opening relative to handlebar throttle input. Adjustment of this fly-by-wire throttle permits dramatic changes in response of the engine to throttle input.
FI map: Determines the amount of fuel delivered depending on engine load, RPM and throttle body input. This map may utilize the oxygen sensor or the SAI (secondary air intake).


There are FOUR maps I have experience with, all available on the TuneECU site. Each 'map' consists of two maps, the EPT and the FI map file. The TPS reset and a 15 min idle was carried out after each map change.

It would appear that maps that have "11" after the "KTM765EU" in the filename are specifically for 2011 bikes. This is my personal opinion, but I would NOT load any map with "08" instead of "11" onto a 2011 bike and vice versa. You're smart - you know what I'm saying here.

KM765EU0804031FIMap.hex and EPT map - This is the original 'Akro' map designed to take advantage of the PowerParts Akrapovic slip-on exhaust available from KTM. This map does NOT use the oxygen sensor or the SAI. This map is NOT compatible with 2011 bikes as they have a different throttle body.
REVIEW: I have used this map with the changes outlined and enjoyed it. It brought out the hooligan in me and the bike. There was no stalling, stuttering or surging.

KM765EU0804132FIMap.hex and EPT map - This is for the KTM EVO 1 kit which consists of the Akro exhaust and a modified airbox cover to allow more air entry. It DOES use the oxygen sensor and SAI.
REVIEW: I have used this map with the same changes as outlined. Over close to 1,000 miles I found it not as enjoyable as the '4031' map. No stalling issues but I found that it would surge, the idle was higher initially and it seemed like it hunted a little. After my experience with this map, I've gone back to the '4031' map.

KM765EU0800231FIMap.hex and EPT map - This may be the 'updated' version of the 'Akro' map. Likely still not compatible with the 2011's but in terms of the contents, all the fuelling and throttle parameters are the same as the '4031' map. It is essentially identical to the original Akro map and I do not know its purpose..
REVIEW: I have NOT loaded this map on my bike as it appears the same as the original '4031' map.

KM765EU11B0231FIMap.hex and EPT map - This is the 'Akro' map for the 2011 models with the updated throttle bodies. The EPT map is same as the previous 'Akra' maps. The FI map is different which makes sense given the new throttle bodies.
REVIEW: We have just loaded this onto Getafix's bike and plan to make the changes as above and will report how it goes. This map is not widely available and I was unable to attach it as a zip file for everyone but will email it to TuneECU.

You can "Read" maps from your bike. The process of transferring the maps from the bike to the comp is slow - be patient.
You can "Download" maps TO your bike. This process is faster.
Anytime you download a map to the bike, you overwrite what was there before. You will hear the bike click as it resets the ECU - this is normal.


1. Start your computer
2. Open TuneECU
3. Connect USB-Diagnostic plug cable to your bike's diagnostic plug (tucked in to rider's right of the fuses).
4. Turn ignition on
5. Plug in the USB to your computer
6. Within 30 seconds, a little rectangle will blink in the lower right-hand-corner of the application. Initially it will be red when sensing the connection and turn to green once a connection is established.

To disconnect, turn the ignition off. I have not tried to 'eject' the bike.


Three views are possible and can be selected in the top right-hand-corner.

Maps - allows view and editing of maps
Diagnostics - Allow you to see a wide variety of parameters the ECU is monitoring such as barometric pressure, oil temp, ambient temp, engine load, throttle voltage....
Tests - Allows you to perform several tests on the bike via the ECU


Spend some time familiarizing yourself with the information available and the application.

The opening screen is set to Triumph by default, it will change to KTM upon connection or loading a map.

Load up the EPT map of your choice, it will look like this:

You can see the subtle difference between the standard and performance maps. Choose performance as this is the one you want to edit (setting 2 on the handlebar map switch)

Although one first look this looks like a linear relationship it is not. To set it to be a perfectly linear relationship between throttle movement and throttle body opening that emulates a 'carb' feeling, change the values to 100%. You can change one cell and copy and paste to the rest.

Now have a look at the Soft map for comparison, notice how little throttle body opening there is for relative throttle movement? This will attenuate what happens when you accidentally twist the throttle in the tight stuff. Hence the reason for leaving the other maps alone and just modifying the performance one so you can retain the soft setting for the technical terrain.

Now save the map somewhere and remember where so you can download it to the bike.

We now move on to the FI map. Load the coupled FI map to the EPT map you were just working on.

This is what it will look like:

You will note that with the Akra maps, the F1/F2/F3 will be the same, as will the "I" and "L" maps. If your maps differ between L1/L2/L3, copy the L1 table and paste it to L2 and L3. This advice is based on the pre-2011 bikes and we are just experimenting how things will go with this step on Getafix's 2011.

To account for your air filter and exhaust set up, you can choose to richen the fuel mixture by a particular percentage across the RPM range. This is under the "F trim". This is the stock trim, zero:

On advice from Beaney and to run a bit on the rich side, I've upped my trim by 4%.

The L1/2/3 maps dictate how the engine responds with fuelling when under load. In discussing this with Beaney, he has found that most engines do well with 4-9% of added fuelling to all the 'L' maps. I've chosen to start with 4% for each of the three 'L' maps. Select the L map you want to augment.

Then select all the fields by dragging the mouse from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. You will note a little input box with up and down arrows in the bottom right corner.

Use the up arrow to dial things up by 4%.

Next is the F-L Switch. I'm NOT SURE, but believe it has to do with how the engine reacts to sudden load changes. This is the stock setting:

On advice from Beaney, many of us have made the following modification to prevent stalling and the dreaded 'flame-out'.

Now you're done. Save and download to the bike. Reset the EPT (iginition on, throttle full on then full off slowly, ignition off) and do the 15 min idle and you're ready - go and enjoy. Your fuel consumption will increase a little but the grin factor will more than make up for it.

- Thanks to Getafix, who had the stones to try it, you can name a map whatever you want as a filename and it will work. Also, remember to save a virgin copy of the map so you can revert in case you mess up.
- Augmenting the 'L' maps made a tremendous difference how the engine feels when lugging at low RPM's. It is much harder to stall and flame-out. Skipping this step will mean you lose a huge benefit of this mod.
Ride on.

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