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Originally Posted by Bill Harris View Post
As long as we're talking Timing Chains...

Next Summer I need to replace the timing chain and crank sprocket on my /5. Can't find my old 3-jaw puller, so I'll need to get another one. As I recall, I'll need a 3-jaw puller, maybe 5-6" reach and I'll need to fabricate a "crankshaft nose protector piece" for the puller screw to bear against. Do any brands of pullers work better than others?

I have noticed that not all crank sprockets come off the same. I have an OTC 3 jaw that I use. Some sprockets have needed heating and others haven't. The sprockets that came off withouit heat would have probably come off with a 2 jaw puller. So I guess you need to ask yourself, do you feel lucky?
Seriously though, any puller with at least a 1/2"-12mm (bigger is better) screw will probably work. It would be a good idea to have some kind of torch around, in case it is stubborn.

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