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Day 4 – 220 miles, Fort Bragg, CA to Monterey, CA

My first motorcycle was a used Honda 90 that my dad bought and rebuilt for my brother and me in 1969. My dad was an enlisted man in the Air Force and started the first motorcycle safety course for a couple of airbases. My brother and I learned to ride on that Honda and on a Moto Guzi 125. We did some motocross and learned to handle bikes in the dirt. Of course that was before any protective gear and full face helmets.

As I grew up over the next couple of years I began to have philosophical differences with the motorcycling crowd and turned back to other sports. Most of the other riders, not all, seemed to have had no regard for both other people and the environment. Did not pick it up again until I was 22 when I bought that CX 500, started using it for commuting to college and taking my first adventure ride to Glacier and Yellowstone.

The Day’s Ride Report

Skipped breakfast and just got on the road around 9 a.m. and headed down the coast on Highway 1. I loved the town of Mendocino, reminded me of the Monterey area. Road took me away from the highway and down through more Redwoods. Still have not seen any dry pavement.

Somewhere along the way I ended up on highway 128 headed inland toward the wine country. Must have missed a turn somewhere, but oh well, was getting tired of all that Pacific Ocean. The coastal wine country was very pretty and was a departure from the rest of the trip. I assume they grow Pinot Noir in this area as it is similar to Oregon coast range country. Don’t know for sure.

Highway 128 turned out to be a total blast. No traffic and some great twistys. Make sure your brakes are good on this one as I tended to go hard into the turns and they always seemed to be tighter than I thought. Came out and hit Highway 101 for a quick run into San Francisco.

Cruised down the 101 and stopped in Petaluma for some quick lunch as I had some phone calls to make before noon. Then I went down toward the Golden Gate Bridge and the park. Road around a little and crossed the bridge. Seems they don’t have a motorcycle rate, just the $6 car rate.

Took highway 1 from over the bridge to cruise through some of the typical San Fran neighborhoods. I thought I might go to or by the Olympic Club and/or Harding Park golf courses, but I did not turn on the 35 as I should and caught a view of them from afar. Veered onto the 280 ridge interstate as I have done it before and it was wide open this time of day.

Dropped off on Highway 92 and headed over the hills to Half Moon Bay. Then I headed down Highway 1 to Santa Cruz. This section of highway surprised me and was very rural coastline. Beautiful views, no traffic, lots of parks, plenty of wide open runs and sunshine! Hit Santa Cruz and found all of the missing traffic. This is the California I was expecting and dreading. 6 lanes packed with cars going 70+.

As I got about 15 miles from Monterey the ocean breeze turned in to a gale force wind of between 25-35 miles an hour or more. It was some rough driving and wore me out. It made me nervous but I have dealt with strong cross winds before. Made it to the hotel and called it a day. I had to get ready to watch the Gonzaga/Saint Mary's WCC Championship game.

Ride Map

Photos from the Day

Gear Report

Technology. We all seem to carry way too much technology on our bike trips, many of the tools overlap or are somewhat redundant. What I am carrying:

• Verizon Droid 2 Global Cell Phone/PDA. Basically does everything. Camera, email, GPS, etc.
• Garmin Nuvi 265 WT. I had this sitting around and had a RAM ball, so thought it could not hurt. I do like the traffic feature which may come in handy down in the LA area.
• Dell Latitude D430. Old laptop, I have had it 4 years, not afraid of losing it and love the Solid State drive.

ADVer of the Day

Today’s thumbs up goes to:


If you have read either his Mexico/Latin America RR or are currently following his travels up Africa, you would know why. It is just fun to see the world through the eyes of some of the next generation…
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