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Originally Posted by Bayner View Post
If I was going to try it, I'd look to do the same. Make a switch that just plugs between the stock connectors. No warranty issues, no wiring troubles.
If the computer isn't constantly checking for continuity or has no minimum absolute voltage trigger, you could run into a problem where the brain box assumes the front wheel is locked because it is not seeing a varying signal when you trip a brake switch. I would assume that would not be the case since we are no longer in 1988.

Another effective solution would be to place a switch in the power supply to the ABS pump (if equipped), maybe even the valving depending on how it's wired.

Shielded wiring typically has a metal mesh below the outer plastic skin to reduce electromagnetic interference.
Originally Posted by MonsterJ View Post
Yeti, your bypass switch will be shielded as well, right? Having been an electronics tech on aircraft for 15yrs believe me when I say if something isn't shielded and it should be, expect nothing but headaches and abnormal behavior. A cell phone in your pocket would place it about a foot away from this connection and could really wreak havoc on the inductance signal coming in from the wheel sensor resulting in unpredictable behavior with the ABS while it's on or while you think it's off.
It sure doesn't look like shielded wiring does it?

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