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Brtp4's XR250R Build

Back in early 2010, after following some friends (more later) I decided in the absolute that I needed a light bike. I have had a slew of bikes in the past, currently have a modded XR650L, and I like it a lot. Not love, but strong like. I have had some more modern bikes, but recently started to think focusing on th absolute best-mostest-fastest-currentest technology detracts from the overall moto experience, and began to tilt toward lower tech bikes. Cheaper to buy, easier to maintain, easier to mod, less to break, etc. But anyway, I went on a ride, got my ass handed to me, got thoroughly worked, and decided the solution was another bike.

Let's get one thing out in the sunlight: XR250Rs have a rep among some as a beginners, or even a girl's bike. Why I chose a XR250R I will explain later, first, this bike.

I was telling a friend, Phil Ammendolia that I wanted a blown-up XR250. They rarely break, BTW. "I know of a blown up XR250R". Yea, sure. "A 2003". A newer one....riiight. He passed me the phone # of the seller, and sure enough, it did not run. Bike was in Sacramento, quite a ways away but driveable. The seller wanted to cut a deal over the phone. He explained that it seemed like it broke the cam or something, as it turned over, but did not run. wanted $850, I told him that if I had to commit sight unseen, I would go to $650. He agreed. I had my friend pay the guy, and drove down from Bend to get it.

I did get a speeding ticket on the way (F#*! K-Falls..), but when I got there it looked really good. Had a lot of Norcal Carnegie clay on it, so I power washed it on the way home. It cleaned up really well:

First thing I did was drop it off at my friend Matt Worbes shop, M-Tech Motorcycles to diagnose. I did not even screw with it, just asked him to take a look. After a day he calls me. BTW, Matt is a man of very few words.

"Your bike is ready."

"What do you mean "ready"?"

"I mean it's running."


"Yea, running. Pilot jet fell out. Put it back in and it fired right up."

$650 for a running 2003 on the original tires. I was pretty happy.



Bend, OR

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