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Part 3.

Originally Posted by Chuck U Farley View Post
Looks like you enjoyed our beautiful country!
Oh, yes, we did!

Here is the last part:

Waking up in Swaziland - to the racket made by critters outside the windows.

While on the road, we were stopped by some enterprising kids, who put togeter a flag to wave down wayward travelers. We fell for it - of course. Darryl had some candy wiht him just for the occasion.

We visited the Ngwenya glass factory. Work there requires a lot of craftsmanship and artisanship - but also a lot of stamina. In that heat!

Traveling south-west, toward South-African border.

Passing a bus stop, with people wating for the ubiquitous taxis.

We were told that there is a whole signal exchange between the prospective passengers and the driver. Different gestures, crossed fingers and such, denote desired destinations. Taxis carry no signs; the driver will simply stop if going in the same direction as requested.

Road hazards.

Back at South African border crossing.

And the public-service messages, necessary due to the unfortunate conditions.

The day's destination was the resort town of St. Lucia. Again, the bikes were happy: each with own car port. (Bike port?).

Talking about eclectic cultural mix: from Eisbein (pig's knuckle) through curry, to pizza, up to ... crocodile?

Still some time left in the day for an evening cruise in the St. Lucia marine park wetlands. Here are some random photos for your enjoyment.

Next day was a rest-day. Coincidentally, it was the only rainy day of the trip. We signed up for a safari tour of the Hluhluwe Park.

Our guide, a stocky ex-Zimbabwean, started by setting us up with an early morning breakfast and coffee. Very civilized.

Here, the guide is holding forth on differences between feces of various animals. Needless to say, lunch is forthcoming...

Back in St. Lucia, at the hotel, enjoying the monkeys (?) racing across roofs.

And that's it. We spent one more day on the road, pressing on to Pretoria. Long, high-speed run through farmland was not conducive to taking memorable pictures.
Still, I captured this sign at a construction site. Aren't regional varieties of language amusing?

We returned the bikes, bid good-bye to our SAMA friends and next day traveled by car to Johannesburg to catch our flights out.
No more local color: the roads and the city skyline would not be out of place in any develped country... the air of exotica long gone.

Occasionally, though, a reminder of Johannesburg origins and even current economical base peeked out between the buildings and trees: shafts connecting to mines under the city.

That's all, folks. Hope you enjoyed this.
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