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Originally Posted by ScienceOfDirt View Post
Did you lower the pressure in the woods, or leave 'em set? What was/were the pressures? I'm thinking of trying the Mefos in the dirt. I've got T-63's now, and they're great, but a little squirmy above 50.
I left the pressures at about 21 psi front and rear for on and off road.I believe that is what spec calls for.I just dont like looking for air after I get back on the road so leave them alone.
The mefos are great on road,but off road I think the tkc 80's just feel alot better,even in the gravel.The mefos feel hard compared to the tkcs,and i think compliant rubber compound is important for performance,I know that also causes more wear,but I think the tkcs will last plenty long on a klr as long as your not on the road all the time and looking for as much longevity as possible.
And I think the mefos are as expensive as the tkcs,which makes it easy to pick for me.The mefo is a good all around tire,but for the money ,I would not buy them again.
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