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Originally Posted by Spud Rider View Post
...I discovered the battery was very firmly attached... ...the location of my repositioned starter relay, and fuse box; ...
Super, Spud I'm loving your mod from a distance; it's so well thought out and documented. So in practice, how does it feel in terms of handling the bike???

I see what I might consider a slight drawback to the fuseholder location. If a fuse blows out on a ride, will it be necessary to have tools along to access it for a change?

I think extending the wiring to it is an invitation to later problems. But not absolutely so. I'd reconsider.

The problem I've had with velcro fastening isn't the velcro itself, but rather the adhesive holding the velcro to the opposing surfaces. While it's great new, it doesn't take a lot of time, especially with heat and damp cycles, to cause it to dry out and let go. So you're left in the breeze, so to speak, with the two velcro halves still solidly attached to each other
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