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Brake lite

I'll take a stab at the brake lite problem. In the picture, you can see the lever that depresses the brake light switch. It's right behind the clutch lever with the stout spring. You can't see the switch in this pic, it's mounted with them teeny nuts on the back side of the plate, and no matter what you do, it's a pain in the ass to get to it. I remember having to get the 5?mm nuts off from the other side to service the switch.
ANYWAY, the arm is supposed to depress the switch, and keep it there which "breaks" the circuit. When you step on the rear brake lever, the switch post moves forward and "makes" the circuit, actuating the lamp.
Often, the brake lever, the small lever, or the switch itself are misaligned after 46 years, and the small lever doesn't fully depress the switch, and your brake light stays on...
I, stuck a teeny little crutch tip, [visible in photo] on the actuator lever to make up the misalignment. It worked for a while, until I sucked it up and dismantled the whole shebang and set everything up right. You can see the elongated holes for adjustamento...
I'll guarantee you that switch is filled with goopy,tarry,oily grit and grime. Take it off and soak it electrical contact cleaner for a day. If it's ON, then it still works. Or you buy a new one from Vech, it was pretty cheap.

PS, Your headlight ears are upside down
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