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Originally Posted by sillymike
I just started to ride at 34 (Canadian years, so that's about 26 US... does that still count )
does this mean we can assume EVERYTHING about u guys is only .8021 the size of what we have in the states?

forced myself to wait until i was 30 until is started riding... knew i'd kill myself if i didnt... so there i was on my b-day taking the test

first bike was/is a 94 suzuki 600... still going strong after three years of daily driving(or as close as you can get in cleveland and not have something fall off ) and couple cross countrys.... old, beat up, smokes a bit on startup, scratched, and just generally raggedy, but its mine and i ride the hell out of it...

my next ones in the works right now... just cant make up my mind over the klr650 and 650gs (but thats another thread) and i plan to ride that one into the ground too....
06 Kaw KLR650

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