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Originally Posted by ggoytia View Post
Awesome pictures especially the bus!
Where the bikes at.
If you dont mind more pic of big blue you sparked an Idea.
As Ken Kesey said: "You are either on the bus or off the bus!"
.... but he ate a lot of acid...

Ross sent these pics of the bus before it was infested with beer and wine-swilling dirtbikers intent on farting their way through three countries to simply ride the best Baja has to offer:

The rear living area has five bunks and a biffy...the only slide-outs are guys pulling duffles out from under bunks or off of guys sleeping under a pile of someone's stuff:

The RV biffy works simply....ever try to hit the bowl while standing and when the driver is drifting corners? ....or not have the bowl contents slopping into your pants around your ankles while on the throne and the driver hits the brakes???? Something for the unitiated to ponder

The kitchen is plumbed to a 50 gallon water tank on the roof of the bus, as is the RV toilet (for water hot water at this time). The bus has an inverter so the fridge and microwave can run off of engine or land-power. Drinking water is from 5 gallon is in the fridge....keep your eye on your beer...seems that others get a taste for it too

As we move forward in the coach, there is a table, adjoining seats, and a "couch" (i.e. bunk set-up that has the top bunk dropped down for a backrest) for a socializing area , where stimulating conversations may be heard wafting over the gentle pulse of the diesel pusher , the sweet melodies of singing , the clinking of glasses, the lofty words of elder riders "That Honda is the best bike I ever had !!".... "That 300 is the best bike I ever had !!!!" , where friends can share a conversation , , and where a meal might be shared ,

And the bikes are stored in a separate section at the rear of the bus...the ramp has a winch:

But I digress...there is riding and travel to talk about...
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