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Have you experimented in the past with lifting the engine out the side with a come along? Putting any motorcycle on its side smacks of preloading bad karma haha.

Originally Posted by bgoodsoil View Post
The gearbox needs to come off. You don't have to remove the swingarm to get the gearbox off but it's a heckuva lot easier if you do. To remove it you'll need a 27mm socket that's been ground down on the end a bit. The swingarm nuts are in a tight recess The clutch arm is mounted on the back of the gearbox and that's gotta get removed. There's a long rod going through the gearbox that gets in the way if you don't pull it out.

The engine's only held in with the 2 rods at the bottom(yours might have the mounts on top that go to the starter cover too). You might be able to lay the bike over and lift the engine out the side with a come-along.
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