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The bus rolled into Sandy Eggo around midnight and we wormed our way to the immigration...quite the scene on a Friday night.

As the sensible planning of buying Mexican vehicle insurance was not done on-line as suggested by some brilliant guy, looking for an open agent office at midnight only lasted a half-hour....and then the wizard in charge of that task decided to only pay for two days of for the drive from the border to San Ignacio on the way down...and one for the "one-day" return trip to the border....again, common sense was sleeping in one of the bunks.

We managed to escape a Houdini parking lot with a simple 21-point turn of the 40' bus-beast and proceeded to the crossing. As I had solicited wisdom from the Baja Nomads forum as to which lane, etc was best...we managed to get to the correct line-up and crossed easily with a minimum of questions. I encouraged folks to buy the $25 tourist visa despite some serious flack from a seasoned rider who is proud to say he has never been asked for it over the years....but we all got our permits stamped and paid for after going back and forth between offices, booths, and wickets...each contradicting the info provided by the previous.

At the actual Immigracion office, there was a line-up of about twenty Mexican men, each frantically pulling possessions out of a large paper bag with numbers on them. The scene was sort of like watching a bunch of women stashing and putting on new purchases at some border town after a shopping spree...but each of them were putting belts on and putting laces in their shoes (most which looked brand new)....and were trying to organize papers and what looked like identification documents.

My best guess was that they had been popped by US officials, had been incarcerated, and were shipped back south of the border until their next effort to get into the US....

We managed to get some pesos and Ross piloted the bus down to Ensenada where he claimed to know of a campground/RV place...."I was there some years's a good place just south of Centro...and we can have showers...".... I pulled my sleeping bag over my head and was lulled into a broken sleep by the topes, corners, and abrupt stops...

YEEHAWWWW !!!!!! We are in Baja

So after about an hour of driving around Ensenada, his fatigue won out and he parked the bus beside the main street leading south out of town at about 2:30 AM. Wayne . as the 8th guy, volunteered to sleep on the floor....

Remember...only 7 bunks for 8 guys?

We woke up at about 6:00 and looked for coffee...Ross, Murray and I were the first out...Gracias Dios por EXTRA

El Mur took a while as he got a fresh pot brewed up....another reason to know him as Mr. Happy

Ross was .....well, you fill in the blanks "________________":

Reid and Randall were opening one eye at a time...

And a small kaffe klatch became the Happening...

Fueled by caffeine, we decide we could wait until San Quintin por desayunos....the first place was new but had no soul:

Health Notice: El Mur says. "Floss before each meal!"

However, our second choice was the winner:

Randall, Reid, and El Mur (L-R)"

A good breakfast and good service....too bad the taco stand next door wasn't open....

although the playground was...

So, with a belly full of good food, we had our buzz on....San Ignacio, here we come:
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