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Originally Posted by HighwayChile View Post
come on keep postin'
I agree with the less being more, I"m a slacker when it comes to riding and although big HP is fun in the right area its a hand full in others. I started on a '65 honda trail 55 ( thats an early Advbike, probably where BMW got the GS idea ) 43 years ago, I'll probably end up on a 50 ( hot rod Derbi, maybe) if I make it long enough.
the rougher it is the more fun you will have, the fast sections well that when to bring big red.

thought of a new front end, USD? rear shock swap?
I walked away for a few days....was drilling my FCR float bowl for an extended fuel screw...drill caught...broke a chunk off the bowl....$100 mistake right there, and got me good and pissed off.

The project is way ahead of what I posted so far, and I plan to resume this weekend. I did finish an FCR install, and am almost jetted correctly. Once I am it gets a 280 kit, once that is done a CRF-X front end goes on. Have yet to start those two phases but I have all the parts.


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