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Originally Posted by oclv454 View Post
you mention that the mid pipe is pretty much the same as the old one. If you can do me a favor......when you friend comes over with the old pipe, see if the bend in the new pipe is the same as the old one. I am hoping they bent it in a way so as to bring the inlet end of the carbon pipe closer to the center of the bike. On my existing LV carbon, the front of the pipe hits my racks and if they bent the new link pipe a bit more, it will eliminate this problem for me. Nice write up. oclv
Preliminarily...... I will say that the angle is different. Not necessarily only at the mid pipe.... But a combo of the ever so slightly different pipe inlet, and the mid pipe..... The new pipe is a little wider.....on their spec sheet..... But I have a minimum of 7mm more clearance between the outer pipe, and my rack. When I welded it....I measured 5`ish mm distance....I now have 12..... Seing this, as I kept scratching my head...... I`d say LV listened to the concern from their customers, and incorporated this into the design on the LV ONE...... As we measure the old oval....I will verify this.....

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