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It's funny, one of the methods of pulling the trans is to actually pull the front spacer and tilt the engine. Don't know what drunk tech though of that one, but in returning the pin back I did what you did. Not having the common sense or advice to actually go and look at MAXBMW. I installed the big spacer on the oil cover side figuring that made more common sense. Not so....I didn't realize this until I put about 4K on the bike. When I went back to correct it the frame had bent and made putting the correct spacer a PITA. Gladly it's settled back where it's supposed to be now, as I pulled the engine and she slipped back in without so much as a grunt.

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Hey Adam,

First, many thanks for all your input with this. I pulled up Max's fiche on the computer and not only is there the exploded diagram BUT there is also digital images of the washers and spacers next to a rular!!! All shown have the gold anodized/or aladine finish to them. I only have the two thinner gold "washers" and not the much larger (almost 10mm) "spacer".

What had me baffled was that since I bought my bike new from the dealer (it was literally in the shipping crate and not assembled for delivery when I bought it) I made the assumption that the bike had never had the engine removed.

I never considered that when the bike was assembled at the factory they might have run out of a particular spacer and substituted stacked up washers to the appropriate thickess - after all these are spacers NOT bearing shims. Could have been the day after Oktorberfest as well.

I am going to buy the correct spacers and reassemble the engine based on the fiche. Again many thanks.
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