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Originally Posted by thugdog View Post
We have decided to upgrade the LFX batteries, including tougher terminals which are 50% thicker and do cell revisions for even better performance at high and low temperatures.
Dam^#$! That's what I get for getting the newest tech. Mod 2 already in the works.

JK, I have just over 300 hours on my v1.0 18AH. My '03 950's charging system puts out 14.2 - 14.4 volts. After awhile at 14.2 volts, the amps drop to ~ 8 or 9 ma. When the engine is switched off the battery voltage is 14.2 volts and gradually tapers off until it settles around 13.3 v after 4-5 days. According to the Shorai website, 14.3 volts is 100% charged for these batteries. It doesn't look like that is possible with our bikes charging system. 90% charge looks like the max we can get with the Katoom. It may be that 14.3v is not a realistic goal anyways. I've talked to several guys who are using prismatic lifepo4 cells in their electric drive vehicles, and they all say they are only able to get 3.35 volts per cell relaxed. This is with special chargers designed to maximize lifepo cells.

Still looks like a good choice for our uses, if the rate of self discharge is as low as they say. Just make sure all parasitic drain is disconnected before parking the bike for a long time. If you don't put an ammeter on the battery, you won't know if there is something drawing on the battery when the engine is off. I'll bet that parasitic draw is the cause of many flat batteries on motorcycles. BTW, the clock draws 1.5ma. I've been pulling the clock fuse so I can keep an accurate track of the Shorai for research purposes, but won't bother after I find the nominal state of charge. Like a lead acid battery, don't let these discharge too low (<12.86v) or they won't even make a good boat anchor (too light).


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