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Originally Posted by Toyanvil View Post
I received mine today in one word WOW. Quality is outstanding. I have had a lot of packs and this one is the best.

I was able to get all this in mine

Toyanvil - Awesome post, thanks. Thanks for the pics.

I'm looking at the 1600 as well and have a couple questions for you (or Bob if he can answer) if I may. An important feature for my packs are pockets for organization of my carry gear. Can you please describe all the internal and external pockets in your 1600? I can make out two internal pockets from your pic but can't tell how big the second one that is behind the first internal pocket is. Could you give me an idea about the number and size of internal pockets? Do you have pics of the pockets? Also is that a small internal key pocket I see? Also approximately how big (and is it used for a specific purpose)is the small vertical pocket on the outside of the main compartment of the pack? Thanks in advance for your insight. I checked the website but there are no insightful pics to answer my "pockets on the pack" question.

Thanks guys.
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