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After finding the swingarm bolt partially frozen, I figured I would do some maintenance and respringing on the rear suspension. Though the swingarm bolts often dry out and seize, the linkage usually remains in good condition. Anyway, I pulled the rear linkage and the shock off the bike:

I am a little big for this bike at 215. Additionally, XR250Rs give up about 2" of suspension travel, having about 10" or so total. These two things make it more important to spring the rear for your weight, as you have less travel to work with. Stock rate is 11.0 kg. Talking to Ryan at Eibach Springs (a great resource) it seemed I probably needed a 12.5 or 13.0 spring. I like the rear suspension to be a little on the stiff side, it lets me be a hack and hang off the back and slam into stuff. But the stiffest they made was a 12.0, so that was what I got.

While I was researching XR250Rs as a bike choice, I found a guy named Les Tinius who has a suspension business, LT Racing ( Les and his bud Jeff are ahem, "mild" XR250R gurus/evangelists/freaks like Charlie Sheen is mildly into Ladies of the Evening. Les has a couple XRs, one that is really trick and one that is absurdly so. He has links to them on his website, but they are sorta hidden...go to the site, click on "about us", then click on the black + white photo of Les in 1972, and then "My XR 250s". Or you can just click here.

A few people recommended him, most importantly Woodschick. I sent the shock to him to revalve for my weight and more aggressive damping than stock. I have yet to try it, and suspension always has some trial and error. But I am always stoked to work with people that are meticulous with their work and motorcycles, looking at his stuff...Les is super meticulous. I know it will be awesome. I had him revalve the shock and put the spring on:

Cleaned up a bit, and of course always, always, always pack things up with grease:

Swingarm back on:

And suspension linkage:

Rear end: done.



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