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Most of the time I am riding on unfamiliar trails, which requires a totally different style of riding for me. On familiar rides I can memorize braking and turning points, and can have the revs where I need. On unfamiliar stuff, I have to read it, process it, and then ride accordingly. Not being 25 any longer means reactions and endurance fall off. I can still ride aggressively here and there, but when I do I often fall behind the terrain and make mistakes. You just can't do this consistently without hitting the ground from time to time.

When I was younger I was far more aggressive. I was not, and am still not, that fast, but I would try to make up for a lack of talent by trying harder. A while back I figured out that I needed to modify my riding style in order to avoid hitting the ground and still ride with guys faster than me. I do some mountain biking also, and not having a motor taught (forced) me to be efficient. One of the guys I ride with is about 160 lbs (I am 215..) and super fit. Having a motorcycle background, I can descend faster than him, but he can out-pedal me anywhere. But there is this one trail near me that ends many of the local rides. It's about 2 miles long and flat, with lots of quick left/rights. Despite his better fitness, legs, lighter bike, etc I always smoke him here. He can accelerate faster than me, but is a total puss in the turns. He'll fly up to them too fast, grab the brakes, roll through, and pedal hard out. I roll up slower, little or no brakes, get a couple pedal strokes IN the turn, and keep spinning out. I am always on the pedals, he is on, off, on, off. After a few turns, I am usually gone. The funny thing is, when we get back, he'll always say "man, you are so much more aggressive than I am there", when in reality, I am less aggressive....just more smooth.

This has become my target for this project. The plan is to make the bike easy to ride for long periods, quick turning, and to increase the snap of the power. The power output is fine, it just needs more snap to help with obstacles and direction changes. People often focus too much on having HP when the real goal is to have the throttle on as much as possible, driving you forward. Anyway, I know I am going to give up a lot in terms of peak power, but adding a pumper carb and some compression, combined with the 6 speeds and mild power delivery, should facilitate a good average speed. And on faster wide open desert stuff, well, I don't really want to be hauling ass there anyway. Plus I have the 650.



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