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I went through the same "growing pains" with popping and backfiring on shift and decel after I installed the LV pipe and Uni air filter. As ebrabaek suggests, I gave the ECU a lot of time to try and adjust. It did compensate a little bit, but not enough. Still pop pop popped on shift and decel. Heck, I gave it six months to try and adjust! In my opinion the ECU is not capable of compensating enough for a high flow air filter and high flow exhaust. One or the other possibly, but not both. After installing the Uni filter and LV exhaust I was also seeing signs of the engine running overly lean, one of them being the headers becoming heavily heat discolored. Once I observed that, it was the last straw. Point is, these bikes are tuned for the lower flowing paper air filter and lower flowing stock exhaust. The ECU can compensate some, but no where near enough for a high flow air filter and high flow exhaust. The compensation feature in the ECU is primarily for altitude, temp, and humidity compensation, not for a dramatic difference in flow. I have since installed the Booster Plug and have noticed a dramatic reduction if not disappearance of popping and backfiring. (Accelerator Module will do the same). But unfortunately, the best option would be a Power Commander. Either option you choose will help, and not only will the bike run cooler and happier, but you'll also observe better power output. Good luck.
+...... I am getting so ever closer on the P5 with auto tune..... Have a great source for the dyno tuning in Denver,CO...... That is another reason for running this with the potato in....In my case...( stock paper filter)..... Until I see it on the Dyno...... Good observation on the headers..... That is usually the last observation you see before you venture into a " too lean territory"..... One thing that holds me back on the a very respected source here on advr.....stated they have tested it....with not good results..... Last thing I wanna do is loose 10 mpg.....

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