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Roatan Honduras............An Island Adventure

Roatan is very popular for scuba and snorkeling, but I'm not much into that. I went to Roatan to visit an old friend (Vern) who is living there, running his Catamaran from Roatan to Utila. Vern and I had not seen each other for over 10 years, and it's been longer than that since we have rode together.

Vern no longer has a bike as he spends most of his time on his boat. And since I flew in - I was we rented the biggest bikes on the Island that we could...........................a couple of Honda XR200's

Before we take off the guy at the rental place does a little PM on our little steeds.

And of course we need a good breakfast............very tasty and only 100 lempiras ($5)

Roatan is aprox 35 miles long and 3 miles wide and Vern lives in West End Roatan. So we headed east, but took a dirt route for as much as we could.
Nice helmet huh?

Then this dood seemed to want us to stop and take his picture.

His cousins.

At this spot we also were approached by a couple of locals that were obviously very poor. They were talking to Vern in spanish, and the only thing I understood is that Vern told then all he had was a 500 lempira bill and he wasn't going to give them that. They nodded, smiled, turned and started to walk away. I asked Vern what they wanted. Vern said they they were looking for change to buy some rice and asked if I had any change. I pulled a dollar bill out of my wallet and called the guys back, they were very grateful, thanked us and went on their way.

Above French Harbour, Vern was always turning around for me since I wanted to stop and take lots of pics

Next stop was the little town of Jonesville to visit some friends of Vern's, this is the view from their back yard looking towards the Ocean

Looking inland.

Still in Jonesville we stop at Miss Lilly's store.

Vern goes in to say Hi, then steps outside and makes a phone call............................................"hey, I need a ride"

I'm thinking ride? we have bikes.
"A man can never have too many motorcycles, like any good craftsman you need the proper tool for the job at hand. A man needs more tools than a hammer, the same goes for bikes." ~Mr. Cob~

My Ride Through Roatan
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