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Next thing I know a little boat pulls up to take us to the other side of the bay.

Looking toward our destination

We pull up to "Hole In The Wall" is only accessible by boat

Vern hanging with some of his friends.

At the Bar

This boat in the background belongs to Vern and one of his friends..................can't remember how long he said it's been sitting there.

Island life is rough.

Vern goes on shore to hang with a couple more friends he has not seen in awhile.

There was writing all over the place, so I asked if I could sign my name..................the guy I was sitting next to said go for it and handed me a sharpie.

After a great burger and fries (sorry no pics) we asked for a ride back.

Self portrait.

The "street" (there is just one) of Jonesville.

All along the ride I saw things that I wanted to take pictures of, like cute little kids at work or play, old timers sitting in the shade,... but did not want to make anyone uncomfortable so I did not get the camera out.

One of those times was along this street, where a family had a little pet monkey under their carport.
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My Ride Through Roatan
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