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Riding on the Island was a blast once I got used to how people drive, the only rules of the road are.............if you're in a cage, wear your seat belt................if you're on a bike wear your helmet, and don't hit anyone (pedestrians do not have the right of way here).

I wish I could have had a helmet cam on the ride back................yeah we were just on little 200cc bikes, but we wound them out for all they were worth, passing every car, truck and bike that we came up to. When you pass you just give a little 'toot-toot' with your horn to warn the driver/rider that you are passing. At one point we came up behind a big truck with a Policia car in front of it, both were going quite slow and I asked Vern (who looked like he was going to make a pass) "you do see what is in front of the truck don't you?" he looked at me and said "yeah, so?" and went around the truck................shit! OK, the truck is going slow so I make the pass. Then Vern passes the Policia car!.................damn Vern, don't do this to I hang back to see what the Policia is going to do (oh, BTW...there is no plate on the bike that Vern is riding!). So as I see Vern riding away I decided to make my move (something I would never do here in the States) 'beep!beep!' ... and I make my pass, catch up to Vern and we are off to West End passing more trucks, cars and bikes reaching speeds up to 100km.

This ride would have been funner on little bit bigger of a bike, but I still had a blast

The next day I still had a couple of hours before I had to return the bike, and Vern had to prep for his next trip to Utila, so I just rode around the West side of the Island for a bit.

On the beach.

Self portrait.

Above the beach.

The Policia station in West End.

They ride around 2 up on this little DRZ200.............with assault rifles

Somebody started to develop here.

"A man can never have too many motorcycles, like any good craftsman you need the proper tool for the job at hand. A man needs more tools than a hammer, the same goes for bikes." ~Mr. Cob~

My Ride Through Roatan
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