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Voltage regulator problems?

I have a 2008 950 SE I bought new, in 8000 miles it has been reliable as a swiss watch. Last weekend I decided to ride the Mojave Road from Barstow to the Colorado river solo, when I get to my destination at the river the bike wont restart, dead battery. Oh well, I figure the battery is toast, damn lucky I didn't get stranded in the middle of the Mojave desert! I get a jump from AAA and ride the slab 150 miles back to my truck, at about 148 miles the bike slows then sputters to a stop. Now here is where things get strange.... I hear this high pitched scream coming from under the seat, kind of like a tea kettle. Its the battery, its a tea kettle. I take it out and through it on the ground so it doesnt spew any shit inside my bike while I walk back to get my rig.

Still just asuming the battery is bad I ordered one of those bitchen new Shorai batterys and put it in. Bike fires up with authority, I do a few donuts in my pasture and put the bike in the garage and shut it off. I hear the tea kettle again, the shorai is having a meltdown....shit, that fucker was expensive and worse everyone is out of stock!

Realizing now that my problems are elsewhere I jump start the bike with the charging lead removed, I measure the regulator output and it is 25v at idle and it climbs to 60+ when the revs increase. So I'm guessing the voltage regulator is bad and caused all this mess. Does this sound like a reasonable assumption, anything else I need to check?

Another side effect is my headlight is not working, assuming that the high voltage burned out the bulb. Can a faulty voltage regulator casue any other damage or otherwise shorten the lifespan of any other critical electrical components, like the ignition or alternator?

I would love to get the opinions from those who are knowledgeble of this topic or have expereinced someting simular.


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