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The ECU and wiring harness is the same from '08 through '11. The immobilizer is an add on part that plugs into the '09 -'11 ignition lock. It looks like you can buy an '08 ignition lock to replace yours and eliminate the immobilizer. The ignition lock is the same since '03 and cost $150. If the '09 - '11 ECU isn't copacetic with that just load the TuneECU map of your choice. There's '08 LC8's running '10 Tunes.

Originally Posted by XX4me View Post
So.......theoretically it would be possible to replace the '09-'10 ECU with an '08 and that would effectively get rid of the immobilizer feature.
Fuel maps ect would probably need to be changed but that could be accomplished with TuneECU.
Does anyone know if the plugs on both ECUs are the same. That would be handy.

Next question would be where to buy an '08 ECU and how much are they


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