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Isn't ECU is still going to be looking for it? The purpose is so you can't bypass the ignition and hot wire the bike, you need the real key that has been previously programmed to the ECU. There should be a way to turn off this feature, maybe the Tune ECU will be able to at some point. This must be required in Europe because my Westfalia Sprinter has the same feature and it crapped out and was expensive and hard to get and no way to get around it.
If the ECU is losing communication with the ant. ring, we should be able to replace it with a spare one, the key is the same so it should still be recognized and be able to start the bike. I hope.

That was my thought too. If the '09 and later ECUs have an additional programed "switch" that has to be tuned on via the antenna ring for the bike to start and the '08 ECU is the same just without the encrypted "switch" why not just yank the ECU and replace with an earlier model.
I bet it would start and run enough to get home. Maybe not the same level of performance but one could add the new R map via TuneEcu and there you go.
Might be cheaper and easier than swapping out the EFI for carbs.

I don't know why but this whole immobilizer thing irritates me. Seems more ridiculous considering I haven't picked up the bike yet. Anyway why is it that manufacturers never seem to focus on improving the problem areas of a product while leaving the parts that aint broke alone?
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