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Originally Posted by Rapid Dog View Post
...O.K. guys, lemme be clear, I am RED/GREEN color deficient, had to tell those colors apart or variances of either. So when I look into a Clymer manual with it's shitty printing I can't see the contrast.
That's why I'm askin'...and I was hoping there was a place on the board or a wire to tap into.
gt it?
Ouch...Then it's going to be tough without another set of eyes. Having color issues both brake light wires will look the same. You NEED to know which one os one will be live all the time and the other only when the switch is actuated.

If you look on the diagram on the left where it says "connector block" that is I believe the board you keep referring to. If you are looking for a spot on that board to find a live brake wire you will be looking for quite some time as it's not there...only the running light wire that comes on when you turn the key. It would be one of the fused connections.
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