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Kansas to South Dakota

Kansas to South Dakota
Day 2:
Total Miles Today: 502
Trip Total: 1,026

Got an early start. Made coffee and on the road by 7am. Guess what we found?

I wouldn't exactly call it a "ball" as the bottom is obviously flat. Its more like a blob. I guess that if it was truly a ball someone would have already rolled it out into oncoming traffic.

Just a bit North of here, we cross into Nebraska!

Well, I guess that statement didn’t really deserve an exclamation point. Kinda flat and boring still…

It was right about at this point that we were chasing a skirting a few early morning storms. It was a bit cool out, and we had put our liners back in. As we were hauling down the road I remember thinking, "I am glad Nikki has her heated vest." Hmmm... I didn't remember packing it, but it wasn't for me so maybe I just didn't pay attention to it. Intercom on, "Where did you pack
your heated vest?" She hadn't and neither did I. Uh oh... It may not sound like a big deal, but Nikki sucks at being cold. If she is cold, she is miserable - and it doesn't take much cold. The next time we stopped for gas, I called my brother and made a plan. He would go to by house at lunch, pickup the vest and ship it ahead to Cody, Wy where we would be in a few more days. UPS don't let me down.

A quick stop for some gas and snacks.

At least now we are getting into some hills.

At the border between Nebraska and South Dakota we pull over to take our picture in front of the sign. We look over and see these cowboy's herding these cattle from Nebraska to South Dakota (that fence on the left is the border).

We stop and watch like good tourists, but then get nervous and decide to push on after I noticed the amount of bullet holes in the South Dakota sign.

We are headed towards Badlands NP in South Dakota. The highway takes a round-about way of getting to it, but the GPS shows a more direct road leading into the south end of the park. We go for it.

This is the first gravel we have been on with the bike this loaded (possibly over-loaded) and it handles fairly well. Naturally, I increase the speed. A short while later we hit a very sandy kinda deep section and have a gnarly tank slapper, but the bike stays upright. We are lucky, but I don't learn from my mistakes too well
. Nikki is not very happy about this, especially considering the fact that we have a ton of gravel (or worse) to deal with when we get to Alaska. I tell her not to worry, "The gravel is different up there."

At least the weather is cooperating.

We junction back with pavement, and we are starting to see some "Badlands"

Driving through the park...

The plan is to camp in the park, but we have to exit North out of the park to the town of Wall to get some food etc. What is Wall, SD famous for? Ever been down I-90?


That's it. Kinda hokey, but we bit. I thought it was a real drug store, and although they probably do sell cough drops and ibuprofen, it is nothing more than a souvenir shop. Kinda like being in the Western theme area of Six Flags.

Anyhow, we decided to just find a camp park in town, as we were pretty beat.

That ended day 2. Tomorrow, I route us back into the Badlands and a really ass-backwards way of getting to Mt. Rushmore then onto Wyoming. If i thought that little bit of sandy gravel was bad today...


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