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Originally Posted by Poolside View Post

Thanks for your order! Thank you everyone for your orders!

Yes this first product is definitely an 'enhancement' as you say. But I want to restate that this is the first of 2 products.

This first product, the IICE Air, represents 1/3 of the total improvement.

The second product, the IICE Cool, is the other 2/3 improvement.

The two products work together for a 3/3 improvement.

The IICE Air comes in only one version, and works on all fuel injected BMW bikes.

The IICE Cool comes, or will come that is, in two versions. One version for the CANbus bikes, and the other for the non-CANbus bikes.

This info was covered you know, 30 pages ago. And I just want to be sure that it's fresh.


That's actually quite helpful... esp for those of us with short memories!

Would you mind reminding us of expected timeframes and pricing for the "Cool" products?
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