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It's funny where life takes you and sometimes even more interesting the path it uses to get you there.

Costa Rica has been on my 'list' for years. Even before I got back into riding several years ago it was on my list.

It started out as a possible retirement destination, actually - bandied about along with other retirement related topics with a now gone co-worker.

While the retirement element of it had faded a bit, the desire to visit and explore Costa Rica hadn't. It may have even been fueled by a quick stop over in Puerto Limon a few years back with Sidecar Sue.

Ride reports like this one didn't help either. Working Man's Costa Rica Ride

Fast forward to about a month ago. Whizzerwheel (Dave) and I are having a casual conversation. This conversation followed many thoughts and half-hearted plans of warmer climes and early season rides all designed to use up my limited and cherished vacation time. Many would be great rides but, quite frankly, all of the ideas were luke warm at best.

Our conversation turns to Costa Rica. Don't think it even involved motorcycles initially. Dave then he mentions he may be heading down in late March and eventually asks if I'd be interested in going.

There was nothing luke warm about this. I was all over it! For many reasons. Some we may even touch on as we wind our way south.

This is Saturday evening. Monday night we had airfare booked.

We were going to Costa Rica!
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