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With the newly tubed wheel mounted back up, it was time to get moving! CrashDBad's misfortune extended to his Super Enduro's battery that had discharged beyond the point of being able to spin up the LC8. Push starting one of these beasts is tough, to say the least. It was tried. It didn't work. Ybracing came to the rescue with jumper cables! And we were off again!

We took the high speed, direct route to Parker and then up Hwy 95 into Havasu to find the Italian place that I recommended so highly, closed! They don't open until 4 p.m. And we found out KTMSER's battery was cooking due to a fried regulator!

Mexican it is! Big-E doesn't look too disappointed. KTMSER is on the phone looking for a rescue and the rest dig in!

KTMSER has experienced this problem before and isn't going to let it slow him down!

Yep, that's a car battery on the rear rack! We thought his front end was light before!

A little creative wiring.

With some trick, quick-release battery clamps.

And we're ready to roll!
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