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Originally Posted by Poolside View Post

We'll give it a try.

First, I have no idea what "passing the testing cycle" might mean.

What does the meter read on VAC with the wheel spinning?

Most digital meters have a frequency counter, does your meter have one?

thanks for responding

Passing the test cycle for a Rostra unit means putting it into test mode and when you push the resume/acc button a diode lights in the unit as does the coast/decel button, then when you spin the wheel by hand the light will begin to flash to indicate it is picking up the signal from the VSS but it only flashes and does not change with wheel speed.

My meter is a Triplett 9010 and I asume you mean set to Volts AC (on mine it is ACV), again I'm no electrical engineer. When hooked to the bike it reads .017 volts in first gear just above idle.

I don't know what a frequency counter is.

Oh ya, I had the red lead on the meter hooked to the ZEF speed out put and the black to the battery ground terminal.
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