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Originally Posted by Motodisiac View Post
I was also curious about racing enduro. Will I be able to run it without any specific equipment? It is any fun NOT to time keep? I'm not in a position to buy expensive computer right now, but I can install stock odometer back

Will I be able to run it without any specific equipment? Yes this is why I said ADV riders would be a good fit because most have bikes with an odo. That is the big $$$ to add to a MX bike.

As long as you can adj the ODO back or forward a tenth of a mile you are good to go with the stock ODO.

Now for the big $$$ roll chart holder the same one used for dual sport rides about $10-$15 most places. And a watch from Target if your eyes are as old as mine the bigger the display the better another $10 spot.

Now bolt it all the bike and load it up in the truck. Head out to Trona RD Saturday morning for the Family Enduro. The pace for the 1st loop will be slow enough that you will be able to learn what all the guys at sign up told you about. Then the next loop will be a little faster ECT, ect.

Then you will be ready for one loop on sunday

Now as you can tell from my spelling and gramer I am not the brightist bulb on the string you guys should kick ass
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