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So here’s the basic plan…and we all know that’s up for change

Starting in Ushuaia Argentina and heading north.

I got an offer of a job in Louisiana and I accepted on one condition…I could go for a ‘little motorcycle ride’ before I started, “sure” was the response, so without really taking advantage I got a bike shipped to Ushuaia and will head north from there. New employer (a good friend) tells me the job is waiting for me when I get back, in this economy this I find this amazing so without taking real advantage cutting out the southward journey seemed the way to go.

The above is the good part…the bad part is I was living in Washington State when this whole plan and job offer was hatched, so I had to move prior to the ride, so I just did a 3000 mile rode trip to Louisiana from WA. To add to all of this the bike was in the UK because I’m doing the SA part of the trip with a group from the UK and they are shipping their bikes from the UK so to get a good deal I had to buy a bike there…now that makes it real difficult to prep a bike for a trip without a bike!!!

So, once I arrive in Ushuaia I have 3 days of prep on the bike to get it ready to roll and then its northwards.

I get on a plane in a few days in New Orleans with lots of excess baggage and hopefully there’s a smiling face at the check-in counter who is open to a little sweet talking. Only 3lbs is clothes and essentials (the rest I’ll buy as I need it), then there’s another 75lbs of tools, parts, equipment and riding gear!!!

You can’t go into a 7/11 with a helmet on, wonder if I can board a plane wearing one, sure as hell not putting that in checked luggage; most other things could be construed as a weapon so it all has to be checked baggage

The main plan is to follow the continental divide or close to it until I can’t go any further north, then its east until I can’t go any further east and then the same story heading south…the GPS shows 30,000 miles for the trip as you see it on the map, I’m betting a $1 it’s more, a lot more…
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